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How To Measure Your Kitchen For New Cabinets

Accurate measurements of your kitchen is an important step prior to design.  You will need to carefully configure the exact dimensions of your room.  Be sure to mark exact locations of doors, windows, hood vents, exhaust, gas lines, water line, drain line, outlets, switches, light fixtures, and heat elements.  Be sure to also note all appliances that will be in the kitchen including width, depth and height dimensions. 


Measure your room using the following steps.

Horizontal Measurement

1. Measure from wall to wall.

2. Measure from corner to window or door opening.

3. Measure across opening from trim edge to trim edge.

4. Measure from edge of trim to far wall. 

5. Compare sum of #2, #3, and #4 to the measurement taken in step #1.

6. Mark exact location of water, drain, gas lines, electrical outlets and switches on drawing.

Vertical Measurement

7. Measure from floor to ceiling.

8. Measure from floor to bottom of window sill or trim.

9. Measure from bottom of window sill or trim to top of window trim.

10. Measure from top of window trim to ceiling.

11. Compare sum of #8, #9, and #10 to the measurement taken in step #7.

Your completed floor plan should resemble the diagram below. 

Submit all measurements to for design services.

Measurements Example.png
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